Originally Published October 2022

By Liam Reynolds

The lights are dimmed, the fire is lit. The old oak wood burns an auburn ember as the nearby Danny Fury sips a fiery mixture of crimson tonic. This elixir, a potent brew of self expression, musicality, and vigour; glistening in the soft light of the flame. An autumn wind blows from the north and intoxicates the crowds which gaze into the warlock's work, or attune to the smashing of his cymbals. Danny, spreading joy and noise as if a mist in the morning air. 


Hailing from the small town of Penetanguishene, ON, Danny Fury is now a prolific artist based in the slightly larger city of Guelph, ON. Operating as a drummer for the band ‘Nicolette and the Nobodies’ and working as a multimedia visual artist Danny is a well respected member of the community. Nicolette and the Nobodies debuted their sound in February of 2019 with the release of their album Devil’s Run. Describing themselves as an “outlaw country group” the band knows how to entertain and are definitely worth going to see live.


Danny’s work draws strong pop culture and psychedelic-esque visuals. Design oriented, highly chromatic, and visually striking. Danny’s art can be described as conceptual and bold. Ranging from black and white, intricate silk screens, water colour, and coloured pencil, Danny truly has creative range. Danny has made bandanas and has an extensive collection of prints often including the likes of “Bugs Bunny'' religious symbolism and the macabre. In their recent work it would seem the artist has been exploding in chroma and possibly taking more of a turn into pop-culture subjects… but that's conjecture.


“Using sharp lines, negative space, and symmetry, my goal is to create something bold and concise. I use the same approach when designing a work of art as when I arrange a drum part for a piece of music. Making art for me is about getting lost in space and time, and focusing on movement. The creation process is a temporary escape from reality. My hope is that my work has a similar effect on the viewer”. Danny also states that mental health and art as therapy is a big reason why the artist creates. Something that resonates personally with me as I’m sure it does for any artist reading this. Danny is an advocate for mental health awareness and the use of art as a therapeutic tool.


To see more of Danny’s work, you can find them on their instagram @danny.daze. To connect to the band: @nicolette_nobodies on instagram. Or you can go to their website: nicoletteandthenobodies.com



(all sizes in inches)


Pencil crayon on panel



Watercolour on paper mounted on panel



Oil on panel


“Heavy liquid”

Acrylic on panel



Silkscreen on paper



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