Wyndham Staff Art Show

Wyndham Staff Art Show

Originally Published October 2022

By Liam Reynolds

Many of you visual artists out there will be familiar with Wyndham Art Supplies, located at 125 Wyndham Street North. A store filled with enthusiastic and knowledgeable artists who uphold an inviting and uplifting atmosphere (if you’re like me, you try and spend as much time as justifiably possible in there). From the oil sticks to pastels, paper, canvas, and linen - one can get lost in the aisles of a genuine art store. But I digress. On the 28th of September, Wyndham Art Supplies held the opening night of their “Staff Art Show” where I got a chance to connect and talk with the wonderful participating artists! 

Full of rich conversation, laughter, and art appreciation, Wyndham Art Supplies threw a truly splendid event in honor of their wonderful staff. The gallery is still able to be seen by inquiry with the store. You can get in touch with @wyndhamart on Instagram, or go to their website at www.wyndhamartsupplies.com.

While I was already acquainted with many of the artists present, it was still inspiring getting a chance to talk to them about their art in a setting apart from their day job. It was a warm and inviting space where I felt at ease browsing the plethora of works, which were both captivating and diverse. From hand-stitched hats to chine collé etchings, every piece was thoughtful, personal, and intriguing. I was pleased to see a gorgeous piece by Gillian Wilson entitled “Dishes” for the second time, the first hanging in the window of the store. As well as an overall stellar exhibition from the artists who have been giving me all sorts of practical advice for my own work over the past few years.

Without further adieu, I give you a peek into the Staff Art Show of Wyndham Art Supplies.


Austin Gibson

“Inner Kingdom”

Acrylic ink and pen on panel

22” x 28”

“Austin explores the relationship to the unknown personified in humanoid creatures, dinosaur inspired beings, and psychedelic visuals.”

Gillian Wilson


Acrylic on Wood Panel

30” x 40”

“Gillian's work ‘Dishes’ portrays a personal and familiar scene of home life painted with surrealist inspiration and through the use of a concise palette which reflects the emotions of the scene.”

Jay Button

“Early Worm”

Cotton thread on a hat

Hat sized

“Often taking inspiration from the natural world around them, Jay’s work ranges from linoleum prints, to silkscreen work, and art with needle and thread.”

Tammy Ratcliff


Chine collé etching

18” x 18” 

30” x 30” frame

“Tammy’s work uses texture rich sheets of paper with many layers juxtaposed on each other. This combined with the delicate and captivating etching creates a mysterious and otherworldly image.”

Chris Ahlers

“Future imperfect #2”

Acrylic and mixed media on panel

25” x 37”

“Inspired by abstraction, layering, and geometric gridding Chris’ work explores the scape without horizon, the relationship of contrast, and the beauty in design.”

Miranda Nagel

“Dreamscape Series (Meadow)”

Acrylic on canvas

20” x 30”

“Miranda's work uses a dark and enthralling background contrasted with lively and chromatic strokes of acrylic paint alongside a complimentary high value arche which strikes the eye and indulges the viewer.”

Caro Benitez

“mi cariño”

Acrylic on panel

24” x 45”

“Inspired by their exercises in ceramics, Caro explores chroma relationships as well as texture and movement. Heavily inspired by nature Caro’s work often sparks joy.”

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