Wonderland Comes to Guelph

Wonderland Comes to Guelph

Originally Published October 2022

By Zoey Ross

A piece of Wonderland came to Guelph on October 3 when costumed players took part in the outdoor escape room and Amazing Race-style games downtown. To participate, folks had to buy tickets from CluedUpp games; a company that specializes in creating “immersive outdoor experiences that bring families, friends and colleagues together in unique and innovative ways”.

“It’s fun and we love Halloween so dressing up is always cool,” said participant Cindy Cole. “I bought tickets to bring my sister and her hubby out for their birthdays.”

Throughout the day, Guelph’s downtown was filled with cosplayers of all ages sporting outfits from Lewis Carol’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, known more commonly as Alice in Wonderland. While some outfits were inspired by the Disney films, others gave the character they were playing a new look. Either from scratch, or based on a movie, passersby were given a visual treat as this impromptu parade went well into the afternoon.

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