Animal Boy

Animal Boy

Originally Published December 2022


The single best part of going to a punk show (in my opinion) is getting in the crowd. Dancing and getting knocked around to the beat of one of your favourite songs fills you with such energy, such a great overwhelming feeling. Not a feeling of aggression but a feeling of joy. A feeling like you can conquer anything that tries to bring you down, even if it’s something inside of you. Surrounded by people that also want to bump into things and push some boundaries around. And if we knock someone over, it’s okay, we’ll pick them back up. There are rules after all, and what are we without those...

Do you like to run?
Yeah, quick change of subject, but don’t worry, I’m going somewhere here.
Or I guess, a better question, do you like to listen to something that makes you want to run?
Yes, something that fills you with the feeling that you've suddenly turned into Forest Gump and you must run. You must run to the Pacific Ocean and once you get there you realise you’re not done running, you have to run more! So you 180 and start running to the Atlantic. You outrun people, bikes, cars and birds. You run through towns and change lives simply by being the unstoppable human locomotive that you have become. You have the drive to overcome and you will not be stopped.

Folks, it’s time to dust off your Docs and run out to see Guelph’s very own Animal Boy.

If you've ever been a fun-loving youth and been chased about by security, you know the feeling I’m trying to convey here.

Bringing a Canadian West Coast punk feel to Ontario and adding a new taste to a familiar sound, Animal Boy will remind you of the best and worst parts of being young. This sound will fill you with the feeling of running around town filled with youth and angst, just trying to survive, but also having as much fun as you can doing it. Their surf punk style guitar and thoughtful lyrics will also (at times) make you think of lying on some beach somewhere, just as the weather is starting to cool and the sun has started its fall from the sky, staring up and waiting for the stars you fire up, just you and your thoughts.
At other times, the loud aggressive lyrics and fast paced music will make you want to dive head first into whatever ails you and dominate it. Then maybe go out for a cheery pint afterwards.

Actually, I guess the question I should ask is, do you want to dance to some sad songs?

Did I mention how good they are live? Young, full of angst and willing to get into the crowd. The kind of band that reminds you why you started going out to punk shows in the first place. Live, I feel, is the best way to see Animal Boy. They get into their element, and when they start going, you can tell they’re going to start something. After Covid (sorry to bring it up), Animal Boy was the first live show I went to. What a way to kick things off again! Energetic and bursting to be heard, LOUDLY!

There is a music scene returning. You can feel it in the air. And Animal Boy is in the vanguard. Get ready folks, it’s about to get a little bumpy in here.

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