Madeleine Roger at The Sage Soap Company

Originally Published December 2022


Inside The Sage Soap Company, the first meeting of the Yukon Gold Folk Club was called on a chilly October night. Lit by house lamps, Madeleine Roger took to the makeshift stage; a humble corner in a beautiful soap shop. Drying flowers and herbs were hanging above her as she, with a piano accompaniment, began a set as floral as the air we were all breathing.

Waves of soothing sound mixed into the scented atmosphere as Roger took us on a journey filled with Canadian, stories of love, loss, and longing. Mixed between tracks from her album Cottonwood, Roger, a natural storyteller, shared a little of the thought and history behind each piece. When she talked about “expansive forms of romantic love”, you could feel the room hang on every word. Even in the homey, bohemian-pastoral setting there was not a dry eye when she shared the story and played Soldier Song. 

Having traveled from Winnipeg, Madeleine Roger and Noah Derksen were slated to play a house show in Guelph, but the performance was moved into The Sage Company at the last moment. This event was organized by local musician and Guelph Art Council Board of Directors President, Braden Phelan. The Yukon Gold Folk Club name is inspired by the fact that Yukon Gold Potatoes were first grown in Guelph. From the agricultural references, the comforting venue provided, and the richness of the folk music, the night felt very Guelph in the best way. Whether or not the show is at a soap shop, if Madeleine Roger comes back to town, and she surely will, bring out your loved ones, grab a drink and get ready to saunter through a meadow of emotions.

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