by Zoey Ross

Photo: Zoey Ross

Zoey: Exhibitionist Magazine. Welcome to Guelph! Who are you? Let’s start with that.

Yung Trybez: Yeah, we’re the SNRK coming from Vancouver, BC. We come from a little reservation Kitamaat Village, home of the Haisla Nation. We’re stoked to be here. We’ve been out in Guelph for quite a while. We’ve been doing shows and stuff like that out here, and yeah, we love the city.

Zoey: Yeah, let’s talk about that too. What connections do you have here?

Yung Trybez: To be honest man, I don’t really have any connections in this city. I don’t even have a braider right now. That’s why my hair’s all done up at the top. His too. Like y’know, the people are nice to us every time we come out here. I like the small town feel and it’s just such a nice town. You drive through any street out here and it feels pretty brand new to me. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the streets I went down. We just got this booking through our booking agency.

Zoey: That’s fantastic. We’re stoked that you’re here, from the magazine, the University of Guelph, I’m a student. We’re glad you’re here. What’s next for you right now? Let’s just hop into the future. We want to know what’s on the edge.

Yung Trybez: Yeah! We’re actually going on tour in a couple of days here. We’re heading out back out west. We’re going over to Portland, we got a show in Seattle, then we’re going out to L.A. We got Denver, we got Reno, Vegas. What else?
Young D: Albuquerque.
Yung Trybez: And Albuquerque, yeah. And we’ve got a project that we’re releasing pretty soon.

Photo: Zoey Ross

Zoey: And your YouTube is absolutely killing it, not to mention your Spotify views. How do you feel about the feeling of success and coming up and just keep on rising, constantly?

Yung Trybez: It’s been good, man.
Young D: Yeah, it’s been good. ‘Cus like, we’re independent, right? So the team we have is the team that we have, and we’ve really been blessed and gotten lucky with the people who’ve joined the team over the years. But, y’know we’re always planning and growing and just growing, not just musically but, business-wise too. Learning the do’s and dont’s and like I said, just learning as we go. It’s been good man.
Yung Trybez: Yeah, we got a small team but we got a strong team, man. We got a small core of really hard workers that put a lot of time and effort and energy into us. We got our DJ right here, Boogie the Beat, you want to turn your camera over there Zoey. And we actually have another DJ that works with us that goes by the name of DJ Kookum, but she’s in Vancouver. So yeah, we usually rotate through the two of them, whatever there - cus they have their own independent careers as well. But yeah man, just a lot of like, hard, hard workers on our team that are committed to Snotty Nose Rez Kids and what we can accomplish.

Zoey: Who should we be listening to? Who are you listening to?

Yung Trybez: Uh, right now I’m gonna give a shout out to, I guess a couple homies and stuff like that. Lex Liosis, we just got off tour with her, she’s out of Toronto. Travis Thompson, he’s a Navajo artist out of Seattle, and… who else should I put on? Who else should I put on, Boogs?
Boogie the Beat: You got people like DJ Shubb, Hallucination. There’s a lot of dope Indigenous people killing it right now from all genres, y’know? We got electronic, folk artists. Yeah, we’re just stoked to collaborate with a few different people and do some shows together.

Photo: Mei Lein Harrison

Zoey: [...] Do you think you’ll come back for Hillside? Guelph wants to know.

Yung Trybez: Yeah, we’re down. Just give an offer. Let’s go. Let’s get it.

Zoey: Sweet. I don’t want to take up too much of your time but I do want to leave the floor for you. Anything else you want to share to Guelph, to the Arts scene here? This is supposed to be subcultural, so anything, just fire away.

Yung Trybez: Yeah, it’s us that make this world beautiful especially at a time right now where it’s getting uglier and uglier. I feel like, we’re always evolving as a people but a lot of the ugliness evolves and grows as well, and it’s up to us as artists to put our messages out there and to have people lead by example, y’know? I know that there’s a lot of movements in the Indigenous movement and stuff like that, with climate change and keeping our lands pure. I know in the art scene, we are that voice too. So I think that it’s just up to us to to just keep the world beautiful. But at the same time just keep making music for us. And we have some new singles coming out here pretty soon.

Zoey: Ooh, how soon are we talking?

Yung Trybez: September 9th.
Young D: Next week.
Yung Trybez: Yeah, September 9th.
Young D: This week! Sorry, this week.
Yung Trybez: Is that this week? Man, time’... I’m tired.
Young D: It’s been a long summer. A very, very long summer.
Young Trybez: Yeah, I think we’ve done like 70 shows this year.
Young D: A very long, hot summer. [laughter]
Young Trybez: I know. Like even right now, I’m just dead. We all just woke up from a nap. I’m Good is coming out September 9th, and then we have a couple more after that, with an EP dropping December 2nd. Which hasn’t been announced yet!
Young D: Y’all got the exclusive.

Zoey: No joke. Thank you both so much. Appreciate it.

Young D: Appreciate you.

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