Throne Thief & Monsoon

Throne Thief & Monsoon

Originally Published December 2022

You know that scene in Jurassic Park, of course you do. The two kids, Lex and Tim Murphy, are sitting in their Subaru with the neglectful Donald Gennaro. Well Lex is sitting there; Tim (laying in the back window) is playing with the night vision goggles. Which looked really cool when the movie first came out and let’s be real, still do. Lex sits there fanning herself with her hat when, suddenly, Tim feels that something is off. He removes his super cool goggles, leaves his perch and grabs Lex’s hat as he moves forward through the SUV. All seems to be silent, apart from the incessant rain, and resting on the dashboard are two cups of water. The cups are plastic and you can see through them. Tim notices the water in the cups is moving, vibrations from somewhere are causing it to tremble. 

That’s when you realize that what you thought was thunder is not. No my friends, it’s something more gigantean. The lamb from earlier in the film, or what’s left of it, crashes onto the car, scaring everyone inside. The power is out for the whole park and the T-Rex (the hero of our film) comes tearing through its fence with a cry that sends the cowardly Donald running to the washroom to meet his fate.

Yeah, you know the scene!

I like to think we all have a couple of plastic cups of water resting on the dashboard in front of us at all times. Sometimes, if you’re paying attention, you can see the water rumble. Your arm hair raises, because you know something big is about to go down.

I felt my cups rumble before Monsoon and Throne Thief got on stage and it looks like they might still be rumbling!

I’m going to be honest here, I had an amazing interview with Monsoon and Throne Thief, but it has been lost to the ethers, like many things in life have. So I will, at this point, try to relate what they told me, and they told me some great stuff.

The hip-hop community, despite all the media, started out as a group of people supporting each other, trying to push the music and themselves forward. It would seem that feeling has not left the scene. Both Monsoon and Throne Thief put on one hell of a fiery show, jumping around and running through the crowd. They have a great love for the fans, which is why they go so hard. They told me, both of them, that you give it your all no matter how many people are there. 100,000 people or 1, you give them your all, because that is what they came for. A fan is a fan and they do not aim to disappoint.

Another thing they were both adamant about was following your passions, musically or otherwise. Do your toiling away, don’t let other people stop you just because you are doing something different, you could be on to something kid! Support your friends, support your local scene, and they will support you. Monsoon makes his own beats and Throne Thief is always in the studio, these guys know what they are talking about.

If you’d like to learn more about Throne Thief and Monsoon check them out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
You can get a hold of Monsoon @monsoongrooves on Instagram
Throne Thief @crowned.cadaver

They are always willing to let new talent onto the stage, so reach out. You never know what might happen!

You guys hear that?

Sorry, got to go. I think I can hear some thunder.

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