Welcome to Exhibitionist Magazine, where we celebrate the art of being seen. An exhibitionist is one who bares their soul, unabashedly sharing their inner expressions with the world. We believe that artists have the power to captivate, move, and inspire their audiences.

Our magazine is a platform for the artists of Guelph to share their unique perspectives and creative visions with the world. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent that exists within our community, and to create artistic infrastructure that empowers artists.

Exhibitionist Magazine was formed by a grassroots collective of artists, journalists and students who recognized the need for such a space. We came together with a shared vision: to create a vibrant arts and culture scene in Guelph that shows the power of artistic expression.

At Exhibitionist Magazine, we feature a diverse range of artists working in a variety of mediums, including visual art, music, theater, and more. We also cover cultural events and happenings in Guelph, providing our readers with a slice of the local arts scene.

By providing a platform for artists to share their work, we hope to build a community that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the human experience. Thank you for joining us on this journey.