Zo Ross
he/ they

Entrepreneur and Communications Specialist, Zoey is the heart of this Magazine. A lover of culture and people, Zoey is always buzzing around in the contemporary Guelph world.

Alexis Mimacho
Creative Director
she/ her

Business owner and photographer, Alexis has fully dedicated her career to the arts and documenting special moments. She is always looking for a new way to highlight Guelph’s beauty and share just how amazing the culture of the city is, and the people a part of it.

Liam Reynolds
Editorial Director
he/ him
An independent visual artist and art advocate, Liam is living a life devoted to the celebration and creation of art, always looking for new ways to embolden the modern Guelph scene.

Mei Lein Harrison
Layout Artist
they/ them/ her
Mei Lein is a talented visionary artist who graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Fine and Studio Arts. Mei Lein is always creating something distinguished and captivating, if not she is spending time with her wonderful friends and family.

Leah Morrow
Copy Editor
she/ her
Graduating from Conestoga College with a diploma in Journalism, Leah is a dedicated and passionate core member of our team as well as a creative and editorial powerhouse.

Jason Bell-Cassells
Financial Manager
he/ him
Jason is a brilliant freelance financial consultant and entrepreneur. Graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, Jason strives to financially empower growing businesses within his community.

Luke Thomas
Revenue Manager
he/ him

Tristan Dineen
he/ him
A writer, editor and artist, Tristan is always consumed with creating some form of sensuous literature. A two time self-published author, Tristan is a recognized member of Guelph's vibrant community.

Jay Stewart
he/ him
Musician and entrepreneur Jay is an artistic savant. Involved in multiple community projects Jay continues to stimulate art lovers on and off the stage. When not consumed by his projects he is usually spending time with his lovely dog Winslow.

Louise Bordeaux
she/ her

Andree Moore
she/ her
Culture, tourism and hospitality professional, Andree is a passionate, honest and gritty creative writer with a longstanding background in our local community.